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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Kris Reffett: A Life Well Lived

Over the years I've burned bridges and removed myself from more than my share of circles because of fear and self preservation. In contrast I'd like to introduce you to someone who did not.

Her name was Kris Reffett.

I met Kris back in 1996 when I was working at a Christian record label when I was pulling together artist submissions for a compilation disc the label was producing. I had several conversations with Kris but was never able to land her talents on the compilation and ultimately never
did anything professionally.

After I crashed and burned out of the CCM industry in 1997 I would occasionally run into Kris and her husband, Ron. They had kept pursuing music as worship leaders at a
small church plant. I ran into them at a benefit for the
PDHC when I was Program Director at WRFD....we talked for a few minutes and said our goodbyes exchanging contact information neither of us used.

Last year I happened to meet another believer who was equally disenchanted with the church...the difference with Dan Hanna was that he was still trying to integrate in the political structure of the church which I have no stomach for. Eventually through conversation we struck on the common acquaintance of Kris and Ron Reffett. As the conversation continued I was humbled to hear how I at one time had been used to encourage Kris.

My wife and I bought a home the latter part of last year and found out that a relative of Kris and Ron lived not far from us. Kris, Ron, Daniel and Andie Hanna and a few other friends were helping to paint the home and I was invited to add my talents. I did and I had a wonderful time soaking up the grace that was evident.

It was great to see the friendship and love of this faithful couple who were battling so much but put it aside to give of themselves and help someone else...even while they were painting a house.

That may sound really hokey but the truth of the matter is that people like Kris Reffett are a rare gift to the rest of us. A public an unashamed person who relies completely on the grace, love and strength of the living God.

Kris went home to be with Jesus on November 4, 2004 (scroll down). The impact of her life and faith is written of once more here today.

Thanks, Kris.

God bless you Ron.

Make a donation to the Kris Reffett Ministries Project at your local Fifth-Third Bank.

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