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My official site is located at MartyDaniels.com. I am a Voiceover Artist from Columbus, OH.

I provide the voice for radio, tv and web commercials all over the world and specifically enjoy working with small to medium size businesses to create impact messages on hold for their phone systems.

I produce all my work in my home studio work with each client from start to finish on each project. The process for each client takes roughly 4-5 days depending on how quickly the client gets back to me on edits, rewrites, re-records and the like.

I look forward to reading your comments and helping you grow your business.

Marty Daniels
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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Okay before you think I am recruiting for some militia let me clear this up.

I am looking for a cartoonist.

Your location does not matter but I would like to find someone who is interested on working on a few projects a year and you have to have samples of your work online or available to send to me.

So, contact me through my website at http://www.MartyDaniels.com, just go to the booking form and fill it out.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

@ The Circleville Pumkin Festival

Watch the Video

Friday, October 06, 2006

Five Things List

I was reading Ben Yoskovitz Instigator Blog and thought I'd join in on the fun of his suggestion to "Blog about 5 Things" to try and restart this blog up.

So here we go....


1) Rock Rebel: A site that finds articles, interviews and insights about mainstream
musical artists who are influenced, persuaded or infected by Christianity.

2) RedsZoneL
A site dedicated to mindful and mindless fans of the Cincinnati Reds. 
Which one am I?  I am not even close to being objective. I am a complete
"homer" and make no excuses for it.

3) LifeHacker:
I learn so much just by spending a few minutes at this site.  I learned
about a new podcast tool that I intend on using very soon to create my very own
podcast but there is just tons of into on this site about free utilities, hacks
and how to's that I need a fix every day.

4) Dictionary.com:
I confess!  I am a horrible writer. My punctuation is bad and my spelling
is worse. At least Dictionary.com can help me with one of those two problems.

5) BlueLetterBible.org:
I participate in their daily bible reading plan.  On their site they have
just about any version of the Bible you would like to read and the daily plan is
laid out for you so it is very easy to follow.