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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nothing Flashy Episode III

Marty Daniels's Podcast

Nothing Flashy

It's true, there is nothing flashy about this podcast. Sometimes it will wonder, ramble, vent and maybe sometimes worship, pray, read and encourage.
Thanks for checking it out.
I am a Comedian but this isn't really about my comedy it's about my faith in Christ.

Enjoy! -- Marty Daniels

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Friday, April 20, 2007

One God or Another

Is it possible that we have many Gods in the Christian Church?

Sadly, a lot of times we do.

We worship the church that is growing and the pastor that leads that church. Of course there is also the worship minister who deserves to be worshiped for selecting arranging and preforming such beautiful music and then there are the singers and musicians who are so talented...then we worship the goosebumps we get when we hear a certain song and we worship that moment when FELT God was so near...we worship our traditions and we worship our friends and our feeling and almost as much as anything else our position in society and our possessions.

Unfortunately we don't recognize that we do this...I know I don't and it is troubling to me that I can be so blind to this sort of thing impacting my life so deeply and then also to see it many times as an acceptable norm of the "church".

I have done some soul searching and after many years of thinking I disliked the church and the Christian Music Industry, I have discovered that that isn't the case...I love the church and I love the people in the Christian Music Industry but I am convinced that the majority of those people are so busy pursuing their dreams or "call"...they've gotten so deep into the forest that they cannot see it because of all the trees in their way...so it is not DISLIKE it is grief.

I don't have it all figured out and I certainly have my own idols I am struggling to lay down but I want to be reminded of my idols...I want to be reminded that Only Christ can save me...I DO NOT WANT MY HEART TO BE DISTRACTED FROM OR DISOBEDIENT TO the one and only true and living god because it is enticed by another god.

It is not my purpose to point fingers at anyone or anything but I want you to ask God where your idols are and how to lay them down...I also want you to help me see my idols that may be blindsiding me and my walk. Above being a goof ball comedian or a radio guy or whatever else I have been in my life I want to be faithful to the one I owe everything and I want that for you too.