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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Realtors Sell with On Hold Messages

Selling Real Estate is a tough business. If you are a Real Estate Broker or Agent you know that I haven't just unveiled one of the great mysteries of our time. The market is tough and you employ every advantage when representing your clients, both buyers and sellers. But what methods do you employ when representing yourself? Business cards, Business card ads, community newspapers and maybe weekly showcase shows? All of those are great tools but you simply MUST NOT overlook your own On Hold Messages.

Your on hold messages can do so much more for you than your other advertising can do simply because the people who hear this advertisement are already interested in finding out more about you. That is the main reason why on hold messages or on hold commercials are the perfect way to tell people some of the who, what, how, when and why they need to know to make you their agent.

Your first priority should obviously be that initial greeting. It should be professional and welcoming. After that the entire call should represent your business in a light that will help them determine that they MUST DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

Nothing will overcome a bad first impression so for optimal caller retention, a pleasant greeting is a must. And if you have to place that caller on hold, they should have some reassurance, that they are still connected and that they have called the right Realtor.

When you put someone on hold, silence can be deadly but if you have a radio station on hold it can be very costly because you aren't educating your clients or marketing yourself, instead you are only marketing the businesses that the radio station is marketing, maybe even your competitors.

When you have professional messages on hold, you not only inform your callers about your services, you also give them an assurance of your quality and competitive advantages. A professional on hold message at your office can help increase the number of inquiries regarding special programs, incentives or even property listings while instigating follow up questions based on the information they heard while holding.

Messages on hold are a quality, affordable, impacting placement of your advertising dollars especially because the person calling your practice is interested in YOU and YOUR SERVICES. Take the opportunity to speak to this person ONE ON ONE and present your message in a clear concise manner. Another benefit of a well worded professionally produced on hold message is the likelihood of follow up questions when you or one of your team members return to the line. If nothing else, messages on hold can pay for itself by by doing nothing more than saving those customers who would otherwise hang up and call someone else.

Don't allow the competition to get the better of you due to lost calls. On hold messages are easy to put in place and affordable.

I would be grateful for your consideration on your next voice project, it could be on hold message for your phone system, website, radio commercial, tv commercial, training seminar, webinar, animation, podcast, etc. Let your imagination go crazy!

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