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I produce all my work in my home studio work with each client from start to finish on each project. The process for each client takes roughly 4-5 days depending on how quickly the client gets back to me on edits, rewrites, re-records and the like.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


"If you take risks, you may still fail. But if you do not take risks, you will surely fail. The greatest risk of all is to do nothing."

Roberto Goizueta

I like underdogs!

I like people who not only have the ability to think I'd Like the World to Buy a Cokecreatively but in some instances I love when those people MUST think creatively. It is in that time when you really see what people are made of and what level of belief they have in their idea, product or company and in themselves.

One such example is the late Roberto C. Goizueta, the former CEO of
Coca-Cola. Sure, Coke is a powerful world imprint that has enjoyed success
but it wasn't always that way.

After the infamous switch to the NEW COKE, the company was on the ropes and
losing market share in the States. It was Goizueta who targeted Asian and
Hispanic markets which saved Coca-Cola from its demise.

Your company may not be in that bad of shape but maybe you are not far from it? Belief in your company, product, idea and yourself is contageous. I'd like to help you communicate your agenda to your target audience.

Contact me today to reserve your date.

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