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I provide the voice for radio, tv and web commercials all over the world and specifically enjoy working with small to medium size businesses to create impact messages on hold for their phone systems.

I produce all my work in my home studio work with each client from start to finish on each project. The process for each client takes roughly 4-5 days depending on how quickly the client gets back to me on edits, rewrites, re-records and the like.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Good Voice But....

Ever since I was a kid people have told me I had a "great voice".  I'll admit it was their compliments that inspired me to endeavor on a career in radio and it was their encouragement that gave me confidence to start working outside of the station as a voice over artist.

One thing I've learned over the past several years is that it takes more than a pretty voice, a region neutral accent and other people believing in you to succeed. I had to believe in myself and trust those around me.

I didn't possess all these qualities at first but over time, effort, failure and success I learned to take someone else's words (the script) and make them my own. To be honest, this has more to do with acting and timing than voice quality. With training this skill can be learned. But that still isn't enough.

Starting out I had to know what I didn't know. Sometimes that process is harder to go through than others. Once I let my ego go, I really enjoyed the challenge of meeting the expectation of a client. I take a lot of pride in what I do and I love what I do.

Thanks to a combination of desire, preparation, training and persistence I could voice your next project.

You can reach me through the following channels.

Email: marty(at)martydaniels.com
Phone: 866-935-7539
Skype: MartyDaniels

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