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I produce all my work in my home studio work with each client from start to finish on each project. The process for each client takes roughly 4-5 days depending on how quickly the client gets back to me on edits, rewrites, re-records and the like.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

On Hold Messages Mean MONEY!!!

So, here we are July 2012.

Since I first wrote about the importance of your on hold message there have been nearly 1500 of you visit this particular article to find out just how important your voice message is to your business, cause or organization.

Of those 1500 dozens have allowed me to be part of their marketing strategy and provide their NEW on hold message and script.

You see, we've discovered a way to get people to respond to your on hold message.  We've taken what most agencies and businesses have determined is a customer service minus and turned it into a plus for the customer and extra dollars for you. 


Contact me now to put me to work on your companies on hold message or telephone prompts and find out.

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